About Us

A website for cyclists by cyclists.

There’s only a “bike drought” if you want it.

Americans have been buying and riding bikes for over a century.

There is no shortage of bicycles in North America.

However, there is a shortage of platforms focused on helping cyclists sell their awesome bikes in a clean, easy and affordable way.

That’s where Bicycles and Bids comes in.

Over the last few years, as supply lines have been delayed, and prices have skyrocketed, cycling enthusiasts have been forced to turn to the second-hand market in order to look for their dream bike. Unfortunately the current platforms that enable bicycle sales are either over-regulated, cluttered and expensive or sketchy (or worse than sketchy). Bicycles & Bids was created to cut out the clutter and the moral dilemmas and to focus on the bicycles we love.

Bicycles & Bids is the best online auction marketplace to buy and sell modern enthusiast bikes, and that means pretty much anything that’s cool from the 20th and 21st centuries. E-bikes are included! By “cool” we mean that we don’t handle entry-level, generic, internet or big-box retail bikes. We want every bike on our platform to have soul, character, history, and present an opportunity to take someone’s riding or collecting to the next level. Bicycles & Bids is as much for the collector as it is for the cyclist looking to upgrade without going broke. As long as it rides and it’s cool, we’re into it.

Although there are many places to buy and sell a special bicycle, Bicycles & Bids offers significant advantages over other websites. Here are just a few of our benefits:

We’re focused on enthusiast bicycles: No Junk. No components or accessories. (We may add frame sets in the future). While we tend to feature brand-new or almost-new bikes, we also feature bicycles with provenance such as professionally-raced or -restored with era-appropriate parts. We love bikes of all genres and sub-genres across all categories. Need something niche, got a line to test, or a Tri to conquer? No prob. You will find your speciality on Bicycles & Bids.

Our fees are low. Sellers list for free, and the buyer's fee is just 15%. (If the sale price is less than $350, our fee is a flat $50.) Bicycles & Bids makes it easy to submit your bicycle for sale. We value your time by only asking the basics upfront before we decide to accept your bicycle. No wasting your time only to have your bicycle rejected. Bicycles & Bids is the most user-friendly online automotive marketplace, with easy sorting and searching, and simplified auctions that tell you exactly what you need to know about each bicycle.